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Nestle Water enslavement of our natural resources.
Nestlé pays just $200 usd, for the right to bottle water (for profit) at a town 10 miles from Flint, Michigan where residents are still unable to drink tap water after the supply was contaminated with lead, it has emerged.

Nestle is the worlds largest food and beverage company, with the widest portfolio.

Two years ago, a class-action lawsuit filed against Nestlé Waters, which owns Poland Spring, claimed that the company was deceiving customers by selling them “ordinary groundwater” that Poland Spring “collects from wells it drilled,” and marketing it as “100% natural spring water.” The suit called Poland Spring’s water “a colossal fraud perpetrated against American consumers.”

In June 2017, five Michigan officials were charged with involuntary manslaughter, for what the attorney general’s office described as “failure to notify and lack of action to stop the outbreak allowed the disease to continue its spread through Flint's water system". Elsewhere in the country, 77 million Americans drink water that does not comply with regulations designed to prevent contamination, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Everyone human being has the right to clean water, and any company engaged in creating a benefit from a natural resource must do so lawfully, complying with past treaty's made with the indeginous people the land.

That is why a national policy for paid family leave is so necessary. In addition to that, mothers need to recover from childbirth, and families need to take time together to bond with the baby. Research has even shown that paid family leave is linked to the survival of newborns; it is believed that providing 10 weeks of paid family leave could reduce the United States' higher-than-average infant mortality rate by up to 10 percent. [3] Emerging research also suggests that paid family leave reduces parents' stress and increases the likelihood that babies are breastfed — both of which could improve the children's outcomes.

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